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Hey All,

Hope you're getting ready to enjoy your weekend : D

Ok, so the lovely Laura has kindly tagged me in the  'Not Another Tag' Tag (lol) that she was previously tagged in by Hayley so here goes!

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You've made it BIG & bagged some VIP Fashion Week tickets. You lucky devil you. But in your rush to get there & get yourself noticed you forgot your VIP Passes. The guy on the door says he will cut you a deal, you can go in only if you sacrifice either your Front Row seat, backstage privileges or goody bag. What's it gonna be? 

I would probably say lose the goody bag because getting the front row seat and the backstage privileges you can imagine who you'd meet, celebrities, fashion Icons etc which would be priceless and I would probably end up buying the products that were in the goody bag anyway.

 You're making a new Subscription box, what 4 items & which dreaded perfume sample would you include in it? 

I like the idea of having something different every month to coincide with the change of seasons. I would like to include a scented candle (the scent would be representative of that month ie November and December Cinnamon/Spiced Apple/Cranberry etc) A nail polish, A scented bath bomb or bubblebath and a lipstick. For my perfume sample it would be Miss Dior eau de parfum because it's gorgeous and it lasts. 

What's your biggest blogging bug bear? The one thing guaranteed to make your blood boil & have you screaming/eye rolling at your laptop?

I don't have anything that's annoying me yet about blogging, I read Laura 's answer to this question and I totally agree with what she said about being careful when buying things online. It's been in the press recently about fake (Bobbi brown, Mac etc) products being sold on Ebay. It may look tempting to see Mac brushes on Ebay selling for £10 but you have to ask yourself are they the real deal when 9/10 someone's got some cheap brushes from poundland and stuck a couple of Mac stickers on the brushes to make them look legit (it happens!). I will admit that being a Beauty Blogger is expensive and again with what Laura said about buying online, trusted sites but ones that offer free delivery and look out for deals. I only use online sites that I know are legit. I have a shopping addiction but I will say that I do my research (read the beauty blogs) before buying an expensive product and I look around first to see if I can get that product elsewhere cheaper (legit website) first. 

No more joining in Twitter chats only slightly relevant to your blog. You can only join in one blogger chat a week for the rest of your blogging days, which one's it gonna be & why? 

I've yet to join in a Blogger chat as I'm still new to this but I would like to, so if anyone can recommend how I go about joining in one of these let me know : D

'Fess up, do you actually own any MAC? If so what don't you like about the product?

I have a few Mac Products, The most recent purchase from Mac was the Oil Control Lotion which I'm obsessed with. I have lipsticks, lipgloss and the Mac pressed powder. I like Mac products but I do think some of the products are overpriced. 

The blogging Gods ban arm swatching, which body part will you swatch on now?

I will swatch on my hand as I normally do  : D

You can no longer have Yankee Candles & Perfume Bottles in the background of your shots, what other inanimate object will you choose?

Probably Hello Kitty's in the background as I collect them : D 

Your blogs Instagram is it for cats or meal shots?

I've yet to set this up but I'm thinking of doing it at some point : )

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