Keep Cellulite at bay/banish it (My Tips)

Ok, So it's not long till Bikini season and all the cute little shorts & skirts are in the shops, you want your skin looking fabulous without the dreaded orange peel.

Don't panic! People of all sizes get cellulite and I want to share my tips with you that I swear by to keep cellulite at bay & improve the look, feel and tone of your skin esp in the thighs, butt and arms where cellulite is most common to show up.

I'm not gonna lie and say, stick this so and so cream on and it'll be gone (like some companies do) I'm gonna tell you the truth....

You need most importantly.....:

♥A Body Brush (I got mine from Superdrug for £3.99)

♥Water (drink 2 ltrs a day to flush out toxins)

♥Green Tea or Slimatee (To help speed up your metabolism, check the Holland & Barrett range)

♥Fake Tan (Whichever is your fave...forget sunbeds you don't want to end up looking like an orange 80 year old lizard, bad for the skin! I use the ST Tropez range)

♥Moisturiser (Any kind, don't waste your money on expensive creams. I recommend Cocoa body butter either Palmers or The body shop. I love Cocoa butter as it helps keep your skin toned and fades marks on the skin)

♥Use a body scrub of your choice in the shower or bath.

Ok, so you have your ingredients....What you need to do in order for this to work is you need patience but I swear you'll see results within a month.

In order for this to work you must do this everyday:

♥Drink 2 ltrs of water

♥Have 1 cup of green tea or Slimatee before bed

♥Moisturise your skin (when applying MASSAGE the cream into the 'problem areas' this encourages blood flow and loosens up the toxins)

♥Body brush your skin everynight, stroke the brush upwards towards the heart and then go in little circular motions around the problem areas. This might not feel fabulous but it gets rid of dead skin cells and encourages the blood flow to break down the toxins and dead skin cells.

♥Use your fake tan as it also helps to improve the look of your skin and it can make you look more slimmer,defined and toned.

♥And....when you're watching Eastenders lol do 100-200 squats and 100-200 push ups. Keep active whether it be walking or having a little dance in your living room to your fave music video. This helps keep everything moving and your skin & heart healthy.

Ok, So I know it seems a lot to do but it's worth it & you'll get used to it, it'll become second nature.

Remember the cheapest and most essential beauty item is Water. 2ltrs a day!! Flush those toxins out, keep that skin toned & that body healthy.

Hope you've found this post helpful ♥♥♥♥