Busy Bee Candles...My New Obsession!!!

I Love Scented Candles, Wax Tarts, Oil Burners, Incense etc and I know quite a lot of you do too.  The Yankee Candles range is nice but it can be a bit pricey....... I have found something more Fabulous (you can thank me later lol).

Busy Bee Candles (@BusyBeeCandles on twitter & Website BusyBeeCandles.co.uk) have a Gorgeous and varied range of Soy Wax Tarts, Magik Beanz, Tart Melts, Scented Candles, Burners and a body care range which are all handmade from Wales. There are 200 fragrances available! The range is quality and value for money.

I had a browse on their fabulous website and I couldn't decide what I wanted to order, everything looked so lush, I wanted to buy everything! I tweeted @BusyBeeCandles & asked their advice, I told them what my Fave scents were, they recommended some items that they had similar to my fave scents. I ordered: (Check BusyBeeCandles.co.uk for exact price range as they sometimes do discounts)

♥Lavender Pillow Mini Wax Tarts ~ (1) £1.85
♥Strudel and Spice Magik Beanz ~ (1)£1.75
♥Cinnamon Buns Wax Tart Melt ~ (1)£1.25
♥Lavender Mint Wax Tart Melt ~ (4)£5.00
♥Total Diva Magik Beanz ~ (2)£3.50
♥Glowing Heart Burner ~ (1)£2.95

I'm obsessed with everything I ordered. The Lavender pillow mini wax tarts (I used one of the cubes) was the first that I tried last night. My room was filled with a gorgeous scent of Lavender which wasn't overpowering. It was so relaxing and the glowing heart burner is so pretty and looks great on display. I chose the purple coloured burner but they come in a range of colours. Today I've been using the 'Total Diva' magik beanz and it is lush, the scent reminds me of blossom trees, a soft floral scent. I've yet to try the others but I can't wait to. The Strudel and Spice magik beanz smell gorgeous like spicey cinnamon. Cinnamon Buns Wax Tart Melt smells like freshly baked Cinnamon pastry and the Lavender Mint Wax Tart Melt smells like a  Fresh Minty Scent with a hint of Lavender.
The delivey time was Amazing (see website for exact costs: BusyBeeCandles.co.uk) it was so quick and came in a nice little brown box. Everything was wrapped up secure so if you're thinking about ordering a wax burner you know that it's wrapped up well.

There are Subscriptions to BusyBeeCandles 'Fragrance Club' where you can subscribe (different prices available see website) they start at £20 per month and you are sent varied items from BusyBeeCandles. It looks brilliant and I will be signing up myself. I have seen customers tweets/pic of their Fragrance Club goodies and the ones at £20 are brilliant, you get quite a lot for the £20.

Well nothing but thumbs up from me for BusyBeeCandles from the Customer Service to the products to the fast delivery! I'm in the mood to order more scents, their products are addictive and so good you'll be wanting to try other scents they have in their range.

Have fun pampering yourself by ordering from BusyBeeCandles.co.uk and hope you enjoy the scents as much as I have. I plan on having a BusyBeeCandles collection!