Bobbi Brown Instant Long Wear Make Up Remover

I love this stuff! (Bobbi Brown Instant Long Wear Makeup Remover, £17.50 from the Bobbi Brown website) I got this as a sample when I purchased the Bobbi Brown 'Instant Pretty' kit (£56.00). I'd run out of my usual 'Simple' eye makeup remover and thought I'd try using this. It's Brilliant! I've been using it for the past 3 nights and I still have about 2/3 nights worth left in the bottle (and that's just the sample). I wear a lot of eye make up and waterproof mascara and usually it takes 2/3 cotton buds (with Simple eye make up remover) to get it off. With this stuff it takes only one cotton pad on each eye (I'm not kidding). You can use it for all over your face, lips and neck, it leaves your skin feeling soothed, calm and refreshed with no redness or irritation. It is also safe for contact wearers. The bottle comes with a child safety cap and must be shaken well before use. After you've used it to remove your make up you rinse your face with some cool water. I'm going to order this in it's fullest form as I'm really impressed with this product.