Victoria's Secret/Pink body lotion

Hi Girls/Guys!!

So on my recent dose of Retail Therapy I hit the Shopping Mall at Meadowhall in Sheffield. It was packed as it always is but even more packed due to half term which I didn't know about till I got there lol. Anyway the screaming kids running around driving their parents mad didn't get in the way of my browsing & buying : D So here are my latest treasures:

I popped into Victorias Secret's "Pink" store.....I Lovvvve it! One of my fave places to shop & I love that they give you a cute lil pink bag with cute tissue paper inside to put your Pink goodies in. The girl who served me was really helpful & the staff seemed really friendly. Sometimes in certain stores staff can come across as being "snobby" till they see you spend a fortune lol. Anywayyy They have an offer on right now 2 body lotions for £18. I picked up the purple one called "ready to party" 500ml (Pink lotus flower & Apple, creamy lotion creates an instant moisture infusion with Aloe, Oat & Grapeseed Extracts & a healthy combo of Vitamins E & C) This smells sooooo gorgeous & melts into the skin without any greasy residue. The second of the body lotions was the pink one called "fresh & clean" 500ml (Fresh Apple & Lily, Creamy lotion creates an instant moisture infusion with Aloe, Oat & Grapeseed Extracts & a healthy combo of Vitamins E & C). This also smells gorgeous & you can defo smell the apple notes. These normally retail at £13.00 each. I think they would look gorgeous in your bedroom or bathroom or wherever you want to put them. If you're super girly like me you'll love the colours, classic barbie colours. I wil be putting one in my bathroom & one in my bedroom. At 500ml these are set to last you quite a while so I know it may be a bit pricey but for the size, design & how lush they smell & the vitamins/moisture for your skin, I'd say they're worth the investment. I also picked up a huge Pink Water bottle, it retails at £13.50 but I got 20% off so it was £10.80. I love the size of it & think it's handy to have if your trying to drink more water like me. You can take it out & about with you, in your car, the gym or just have it at home to keep check that you're drinking the recommended 2 ltrs of water a day lol.  And as a side note there is a Victorias Secret Reward card where you can get money off your next purchase, find out about it the next time you're at Victorias Secret/Pink for full details : )