The Fragrance Shop (Sale)

On a recent trip to The Fragrance Shop stocking up on my fave scents I noticed the lil sales table they have. They usually have a sales table with perfumes/beauty products marked down in price.  This time I managed to pick up:(The guy took the lables off at the counter being helpful, so I don't remember original prices but I do know they cost more originally then the sale price lol) 

Playboy Baby doll pinks Glossy nail polish set for £5.99. You get a pack of 5 gorgeous pink nail polishes each (10ml). They are beautiful shades of pink & very girly! Shade names inc:  Lila, Pink Sherbet, Barbie Pink, Ballerina, Candyfloss. The one I'll be trying out first will be the Barbie pink shade but I love them all.

Side note: "Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream". ~ Hugh Hefner

Next, again another Playboy item....."Bunny Essentials mini beauty collection" £5.99.
Cute lil pallet & inside there is a really nice sized mirror, Mini Mascara 3ml in black, Mini Lip Gloss 3ml in "Empire State" deep red shade, Lip liner 1g in "Big Apple" & 4x Eyeshadows 1.5g it doesn't give the names of the shadows but there's a Ivory kinda shimmery white shade, a warm medium brown, a dark brown & a bronze shade. There's also a lil eye shadow applicator too. I don't know why I picked this up....maybe because it was on sale but I like it & think that its really handy to fit in your bag esp if you're travelling it's handy for the lil mirror too. I'll defo be taking it with me on trips up home to Scotland etc.

& finally.....The 'Oscar de La Renta' 50ml Espirit D'Oscar eau de parfum ~ £20.00  I picked this up cause I like classic perfumes aswell as more recent ones. I like to collect perfumes & I really like this scent. It comes in a pretty bottle & has this classic velvety scent to it. It makes me feel like 1950's glam when I put it on (If you get what I mean lol). I've had this scent before but obv paid full price for it & friends at work were always having a quick spray of it. I think certain perfumes give you a lil 'pick me up' & make you feel nice, fresh & confident. So this was another bargain for me.

So next time you're in 'The Fragrance Shop' buying your fave scent or a gift for someone, have a browse on the sales table cause they do have some fabulous stuff on sale, previously I've picked up Revlon nail polishes & Mariah Carey's Lushious pink perfume in one of their sales. Hope you find some goodies : )