Paperchase/Stationary Haul!!

I needed some bits for my lil office at home so I ordered from Paperchase UK,  Delivery was quick & came wrapped nice & secure in a big box.  I've managed to lose the freakin reciept but it all came to around £21.00 inc delivery so not bad. Check out Paperchase online at (Follow them on Twitter at @FromPaperchase)

I ordered (See pic below):

1 x Pack if bear highlighters (these were too cute)

1 x Pink tissue paper ( for my upcoming Giveaways/comps)

2x Mothers day cards (they have a cute selection, check them out)

1x pen

1x Pack of post-its!

1x Pack of Loveheart stickers (I thought these were cute)

1x Pack of notecards (also for upcoming Giveaways/comps, they're so pretty)

So if you need stationary for School, Uni or your home office have a look on the Paperchase website, they have a great range!! : ))