Oily Skin? My Everyday Essentials

So, I'm doing this blog post again cause for some reason my first attempt wouldn't publish. Anyway I'm in bed it's 10:30pm with a headache that's been driving me mad all day, but anyway enough of my moaning.....time to talk about Oily skin & the goodies I've found work for me.

I have Oily skin so I use these products which I swear by, everyday : )

First of all, I want to share with you my Fave everyday product that I've been using for years that helps keep my skin matte, oil & shine free. It's Boots Seventeen Oil Free Miracle Matte loose powder. Apply this with a brush over your foundation & concealer for a flawless finish with the tiniest of touch ups. I've tried all other high end loose powders but I keep coming back to this one. You can find it at Boots for only £5.49, Total Bargain.

Next, for the tiniest of touch ups I use the 'Soap & Glory One heck of a blot' pressed powder. I just pat a little bit of the powder (with a brush, try to avoid using pads that come in compacts as they often collect oil & bacteria) over my make up during the day if any bits need touched up. I love this and take it everywhere with me for little touch ups. You can get it at Boots for £12.00.

As I've blogged about this before 'Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore & shine daily scrub' (you know it's an everday essential of mine) to keep blackheads away & pore unblocked. I use it everynight with warm water, massage in a circular motion & pay attention to the problem areas like the chin, sides of the nose, forehead etc then rinse, splash some cold water on the face to help close pores then pat with a towel. You can find this at Superdrug for £2.99.

I love using Simple's Facial toner on my skin, it makes my skin feel fresh & helps it to breath. It cleanses & tightens the pores. I use the Superdrug round cotton pads & dab a little of the toner on the pad then go over the face & neck. I use this in the morning & night .You can find both the Simple Toner (£1.50) and the Round cotton buds (99p for pk of 35 pads) at Superdrug.

I have blogged about these next two essentials recently (see previous posts) so I won't go too much into detail as you can read my previous reviews of them if you want to. I use the Mac Oil Control lotion on my skin (Debenhams - £20.25) after that I use the Urban Decay Make Up setting Spray (Debenhams - £18.00). The lotion helps soak up the oil on your skin & the setting spray helps seal & keep your make up looking perfect all day. These are a bit pricey but they're worth it.

So these are my everyday products that keep my make up & skin from looking oily/shiny and I hope this post has helped you incase you were struggling to find the right products for your oily skin.

Another tip when shopping for the above products, with some of the high end products try Debenhams as they often have quite good deals, sometimes ordering from the products main site is really expensive. Superdrug offer free delivery on orders over £10.  

So I'm going to take my make up off now using my Simple products, moisturise and do a little more tweeting & read some more of Corey Feldman's 'Coreyography -a memoir' it's brilliant so far, I'll be doing a review of it once I'm done but check it out for yourselves when you get the chance.

Have a Good Night Bbloggers & the lovely folk who've taken the time to read my blogs, mwahhhh!!!