@Missbehavercom Review!!

If you haven't already checked out missbehaver.com & followed them on Twitter @Missbehavercom I suggest you do so. I was browsing some of the fashion sites on Twitter that I follow &
I came across @Missbehavercom I checked out their website & the pieces are beautiful, very girly but also casual pieces too. The range is brilliant & the prices are brilliant too.

I ordered the Black denim pinafore dress at ONLY £7.19 & the Ashlee Barbie pink midi skirt at ONLY £5.40. They arrived this morning (Tues, I ordered them Sunday night so that was pretty quick) & the quality of both of them are great. I still can't believe the value for money. They have loads of gorgeous styles you'll find yourself wanting to order tons of stuff. I'm gonna be ordering from them again, defo one of my fave sites so check them out at missbehaver.com (@Missbehavercom)