Mac Oil Control Lotion Review!

I'm on the 3rd day of using the Mac Oil Control Lotion (50ml) £20.25 from Debenhams & I have to say, it's brilliant! I'd seen other beauty bloggers rave reviews about it esp how effective it is on oily skin. It is a lightweight cream & feels great on my skin, I apply a pea-sized amount on my face before using the Urban Decay make up setting spray (review for that is in next blog post) & it soaks up any oil & shine on my face. I've noticed the difference in my skin & my make up since using it & I'm impressed, I hardly have to touch up my make up throughout the day at all, just apply my lipgloss every now and then obv. Some people would say that £20.25 is a bit much for a small bottle of lotion but it is well worth it in my opinion, sometimes with some quailty products you have to pay a little bit more & I do think this will last me quite a decent amout of time as I only need a tiny pea-sized amount each application. It's now an essential part of my eveyday routine : ))