In Case Of Emergency! What You should always have in your bag!

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday whether is a Shopping Spree, recovery from your hangover from last night or like me, a girly pampering day. I usually do my pampering days on a Sunday but my nails were chipping a lil & I just felt in the mood for one.

So I've been thinking today as I was sorting out my bag & products about the stuff that every glamourista should have in their bag for emergency. There's nothing worse then getting an eyelash in your eye, the button coming off on your trousers or skirt, a nail breaking or chipping etc. I have friends who always ask me....."Jo could I borrow a nail file.....Jo do you have a spare  Tampon.....Jo do you have some mints" It's easy to forget to pack these things but if you think about it, we need them especially if you're on the go all the time.

I've made a little check list of essentials that I have started to make sure are in my bag (in cases of emergency):

♥ Chewing Gum/Mints ~ If you love to go to Costa & Starbucks you'll need these to keep your breath fresh.....nobody likes bad breath/coffee breath lol.

♥Cotton Buds/Tissue paper♥ You need these to tidy up any eyeliner smudges during the day or any dirt/eyelash getting into your eye. Tissues to blot lipstick, incase you have cold etc.

♥Hairspray/Brush/hairties♥ Sometimes you can't predict the weather and it can mess up your fabulous straight/Curly hair. Keep these in your bag & you can sort it out or if all else fails, sleek it back in a cute ponytail.

♥Nail File♥ For those chips & breakages

♥Safety Pins♥ Just in case!!

♥Antibacterial Hand Gel♥ Everyone should have a little bottle of this.

♥Compact mirror♥ Check hair/make up is still looking fabulous.

♥Make Up Bag♥ For obvious reasons!

♥Phone Charger♥ You could end up stranded somewhere & your phone dies on you. Not Fabulous!

♥Obvious stuff like your phone, purse, keys etc♥

♥False lash glue♥ For those who wear false lashes.

♥Band Aids♥ For those random  Papercuts....scratches....ouch!!!!

♥Tampons♥ No explanations needed.....we've all had those *I didn't think it was due moments* & forgotten to either put them in our bags or buy them. Keep 2/3 in there to be on the safe side.

♥pen & notebook♥ You can take notes on your phone but sometimes it's easier to just quickly write it down.

♥Deodrant/perfume♥ Essentials to keep you smelling lush.

Well, I think I've covered everything (Inc in the comments below if you have any emergency essentials you keep in your bag that I've not mentioned here), it may seem a lot but we do need this stuff!!

Anyway, Enjoy the rest of your Saturday & don't forget to enter my Strawberry Goodies Giveaway!! Much Love!!!