Grow your nails long!!!!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. I get asked about my nails quite a lot....Are they real?.....How did you get them so long? Etc! So I thought I'd share some of my personal tips with you. I used to be someone who had their nails done every month but the place I went to filed my nails right down to the skin & it took me 6 months to get them back to some sort of decent strength & state.

I've always been someone who grew my nails long, I think I get it from my mum. She always keeps her nails long & paints them pink.

So here's some of my tips hopefully you will find useful:

♡ I Keep my nails long & extra strong by applying 2 coates of polish & 1 coat underneath the nail. It sounds mad but it works! It helps make your nails stronger, protects against breakage, prolongs the colour & also makes the nail underneath look better. (To remover nail polish from underneath my nails I use cotton buds/q-tips, these are great too for any stubborn polish on nail edges)

♡When applying nail polish you go round the edges by mistake.... don't panic! Wait for it to dry & then jump in the shower or bubblebath, the bits will flake away & your polish will look neat & tidy.

♡Before you take your nail polish off....file them, I always file my nails when I have polish on them to help prevent breakage as the nails are more weaker without polish on.

♡Soak your nails in a bowl of warm water (nails grow faster in warm temperatures) then push back your cuticles gently, pat dry & then massage a little bit of olive oil onto each nail.

♡To remove stains & brighten the white tips of your nails, soak them in Warm water with Lemon Juice.

♡Use a Hand & Nail cream daily. Massage the cream around your nails to help stimulate growth. I love The Body Shop's Almond Hand & Nail Cream (£5.00).

♡Doing dishes, Cleaning, Hoovering....Always wear rubber gloves to protect nails from chipping & dulling from cleaning products.

♡I drink lots of Semi Skimmed milk as I'm a big tea & Coffee drinker. I'm also a Veggie so I eat quorn foods which are high in protein. Include plenty of protein in your diet to help make nails (& hair) grow longer, stronger & healthier.

♡Everyday I've started taking 'Biotin' (300ug - £5.99) from Holland & Barrett. Excellent for Hair, Nails & Skin.

♡Never pick or peel stickers...use a pair of tweezers to do it, you don't want to risk chipping or breaking the nails.

♡As always, with everything that applies to beauty & health, try & drink 2 ltrs of water a day. I try to have plain water but I'm also a big fan of Strawberry water.

Hope this gave you a few pointers & saved you some money on having your nails done at a salon every 4 weeks. Models own & Barry M have a great selection of cute colours. Models own have nail art pens & stickers so you could have fun trying out different designs.

Happy Sunday & don't forget....Mothers day next week! & enter my Strawberry Giveaway (see on blog) Much Love ♥