Biotin! What you SHOULD know....

So I've been taking Biotin for a month now and before I took it I had only seen two reviews about it which were positive. Don't get me wrong, Biotin does work but there are a few things you have to be aware of when taking Biotin tablets/capsules.

I take the 'Biotin' 300ug from Holland and Barrett, 4 tablets a day with food. On the directions all it said was that I wasn't to exceed the stated dose and to take 1-4 tablets daily preferably with food....

I noticed that since I was taking them I was getting spots on my face, and of course I had to shave/wax more cause your hair grows like mad lol (which I suppose is a good sign that the product is working) I've noticed my hair has grown a couple of inches longer and does seem to be stronger.

But be aware....I was browsing online last night and found quite a few reviews about Biotin which got me thinking, Some girls had gained weight whilst on it and others got very bad cystic acne and facial hair. But I assume these were people who were either taking a higher dose or something because there were people who were saying how brilliant it was for them.

I started taking the Biotin  because I'm trying to grow my eyebrows a bit thicker and of course I want healthier skin, hair and nails but what I found out last night (and if you're taking Biotin or think about taking Biotin)....YOU MUST DRINK AT LEAST 2/3 LITRES OF WATER A DAY WHILST TAKING BIOTIN!!!

On my Biotin bottle on nowhere did it say 'Drink plenty of water' and hence why maybe other people who've been taking it have been getting Acne etc. Biotin is Soluble (it can only be broken down in water) you have to drink plenty of water in order for it to work effectively, it needs the water to flush the toxins and all the impurities out of your skin. So as graphic as it sounds you will be making more trips to the bathroom whilst taking it but this is the Biotin working with your body to get rid of all the crap (excuse the pun) so your hair, skin, nails can look Amazing.

I admit I was freaked out last night when watching the bad reviews thinking OMG Biotin makes you fat and gives you Acne, but that's only if you are going over the started dose and taking too much and not drinking plenty of water.

So there you have it! PLENTY OF WATER, CORRECT DOSE! Only downside is, you have to shave/wax more, go to bathroom more (Not glamorous, I know) but the end result is.....Fabulous, Longer stronger hair, longer stronger nails and if like me you want thicker eyebrows, fabulous thicker eyebrows lol! I saw a few reviews where people had taken it everyday for a year, one girl had short hair at the start of taking it and within a year it was all gorgeous, thick and shiny all down her back but again she took the right dose which wasn't too high and drank plenty of water.

I'm still taking Biotin but I've cut it down to two tablets for the time being to see how I get on and drinking plenty of water from now on.

Hope this post has helped you as I have seen a few people unsure of what to think about it. Remember it does work as long as you take it the correct way with food, plenty of water you'll be fine and if you do get a few spots at the beginning of taking it that is the Biotin working with your body to start bringing the impurities out of your body, think of it as a body detox, the tablets/capsules are working with the water to flush out all the toxins/impurities from within.

Hope you get the results you hoped to achieve. I will do another update on my experience of taking Biotin at some point in the future but it just goes to show with anything, ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! I also blame some of the companies though for not stating clearly on the directions that you must drink plenty of water.