Beauty Blogger Tag!!! (Get to know me)

Hi Everyone,  Hope your Monday hasn't been too manic! I've see this Beauty Tag going around so I thought I would have a go at it, hope you enjoy!! (and if you're a Beauty Blogger have a go at it yourself):

1) Is your hair naturally curly, wavy or straight? 

= Straight!

2) Do you dye it yourself or go to a Salon?

= I have the colour done and my hair trimmed/styled at Toni & Guy. In between this I use toner to keep the hair colour looking fresh.

3) Do you wear the same style everyday or do you change it?

= When I'm at work I wear office styles, Suits, shirts & Skirts. At home I like jeans teamed with a cute top and heels. I'm into skater dresses at the moment. My style is very Feminine.

4) Do you do your own Mani/Pedi or go to a Salon? 

= I do my own nails and in Winter my own pedi, In summer when the Strappy Sandals are out, I like to go for a pedi at a salon.

5) How often do you change your nail polish?

= I change my nail polish once a week.

6) Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?

= I always make sure my toes look cute and painted whatever time of year it is : D

7) How long does it take for you to put make up on?

= When I'm taking my time, 45 minutes. If I'm in a rush 25. I do take ages to get ready with the hair, the outfit and the dozens of cups of coffee to wake me up : D

8) What do you do first? Face or Eyes?

= Face first, then eyes, then the rest

9) Do you collect make up or just buy what you need?

= I have tons of make up! I have my Faves which I use everyday but I also like to buy new products too which the other  Beauty Bloggers have recommended.

10) How often do you wear false lashes?

= I don't wear them. I'm lucky that I've been blessed with Spanish eyelashes lol and also I adore Christian Dior's Iconic Mascara and eyelash serum (They are a wonderbra for the lashes)

11) Do you do a full face of make up everyday? 

= 9 times out of 10 yes, however on Sunday's I tend not to wear as much or even not any at all. I'm in on a Sunday doing my Girly Pampering I'll let the skin breath but if I have to go somewhere then I'll have make up on.

12) Do you wear make up when you're home alone or with family?

= If people are coming over to visit me then obv I'm going to have make up etc on but I do like to have moments when I just chill out, no face on and watch dirty dancing. I also like the feeling of having my hair and make up on cause to me it's art and it's all about making the best of yourself.

13) Will you leave the house without make up on?

= Hell No!! You always end up running into someone you did not want to run into (see Carrie in Sex & The City)

14) How many High-end products do you have?

= To many! I need to learn how to budget : D

15) Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you're getting dressed?

= I plan the outfit, the lingerie and the Accessories the night before

16) How often do you change your bag?

= Well I've been a good girl lately cause my last bag I bought beginning of winter which was a big Michael Kors one for work. Last month I decided to buy a smaller MK bag so that's my obsession at the moment. I might get a little summer bag from MK and buy another new one in the Winter, who knows? but I'm staying put with this bag that I have right now : D

17) What time do you wake up and go to sleep?

= I've been naughty lately and not going to bed at a decent hour and then paying for it the next day. I try to aim for 11pm bedtime and wake up at 7am. I'm working on my sleeping pattern at the moment.

18) How often or when do you work out? 

= Every day

19) Left handed or right handed?

= Right handed!

20) How tall are you?

= 5"2 without the heels on

21) Do you speak any foreign Languages?

= Just a bit of German, despite the Spanish genes I don't speak Spanish. I would love to learn Italian

22) How many pets do you have?

= 2 cats, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson

23) How often are you on wordpress?

= Is that another way of saying blog? if it is then everyday, if not then somebody please translate what word press is?? : D

24) Do you read comments posted on blogs?

= Yes, I love hearing what the other Beauty Bloggers have to say/their reviews and opinions about products.

25) How did you come up with your Blog name?

= Caledonian, with me being Scottish and the Kitty was added on cause I love Hello Kitty.

26) Do you keep a list of products to try that you see on other blog posts?

= Yes, I have lots of lists and new fabulous products which I've seen reviewed on other blogs which I'd not discovered myself. I love reading Beauty Blogs and watching You tube beauty gurus.

27) What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?

= At the moment as I've not long started this Blog, it's just my camera phone. I'm not the most technical person so if anyone can recommend a great camera, let me know : D

28) How often do you clean your house?

= I like to do housework on a Sunday and I just tidy/clean it whenever it gets a mess. I can't stand mess : D

29) What's your Fave Colour?

= Pink

30) What is your Fave drugstore/ high end product?

= For drugstore I love Maybelline and Rimmel. My high end products would be Dior. I'm obsessed with Dior make up, perfume etc

31) What are doing with the rest of your day?

= Sort some things out, do a work out, then Bubblebath : D