What's in my Bag (February 2014)

Hi Glamouristas, Hope you're having a nice Saturday. I'm having a quiet one, just relaxing : ) I met up with my Girlyfriend last night who I hadn't seen the last two months due to work etc so we had a girly catch up over some wine and I'm kinda feeling the effects of that today so cups of tea, movies and a bubblebath are on the agenda today : D

I like watching  the 'What's in my Bag/Purse' videos on You Tube and reading the ones on the beauty blogs. I need to follow some beauty bloggers, if anyone has any links or can recommend to me, let me know. As this is a new blog for me I'm just getting started.

Ok so, I carry a lot around with me in my bag (Just in case I end up stranded somewhere or it starts raining and my hair turns into a hot mess) Here's what's in my bag: (By the way my bag is by Michael Kors and I bought it from John Lewis online, it retails at £240, I think it's called the small Grayson and I love it. It may look small but you can fit quite a lot in it as you can see from the above picture ):

  • Henry Holland Hot Pink Wallet (From the Henry Holland range at Debenhams)
  • Hello Kitty White and Gold Wallet (From Claires Accessories)
  • No 7 Heated Eye Lash Curler (This was a gift from a friend, I haven't tried it out yet but I'll blog about it at some point) (You can find these and other no7 products at Boots)
  • Green Tea Bags (From Holland and Barrett)
  • Gold Hello Kitty Phone Case (From Claires Accessories)
  • Sure Deodrant (From most Drug Stores)
  • Forever 21 Gold & Black compact mirror.
  • vaseline lip balm
  • 2 packets of wrigleys ice white chewing gum 
  • Umbrella
  • Red glitter nail file (I got this from a department store called 'Fenwick' in York, England. They have a website so check it out, They have lots of girly stuff)
  • Almond hand and nail cream (From The Body Shop)
  • Mini Denman Hairbrush
  • Gold Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
  • Black and Gold bangles (From Accessorize)
  • Pink and purple nail file and buffer (From H&M)
  • Phone Charger
  • lilets (Ahem, you have to have these in your bag for emergency reasons girls : D)
  • pink Hello Kitty Lip Balm (From Claires Accessories)
  • Mini Hello Kitty Nail File (From Claires Accessories)
  • Miss Dior perfume (From Debenhams, House of Fraser, The perfume shop)
  • Michael Kors Citrus Sport perfume (From Debenhams, House of Fraser, The perfume shop)
  • Hot pink Hello Kitty Make Up Bag (From Superdrug)
  • Gloves
  • Dior eyeshadow compact (From House of Fraser)
I think that's about it for what's in my bag, I usually have loads of reciepts and stuff like that but I'm trying to be more organised lol. Also I had some tweets from people asking where to get the Sea Shepherd Hoodie from (Mine arrived the other day and it is sooooo comfy and I'm obsessed with it plus it's also money going towards a good cause as you may have seen all the horrors that are going on in Taiji right now. You can get the hoodie and other merch here at seashepherdglobal.org plus find out ways how you can help support, even if it's just tweeting and adding your signature to the petitions to #ShutTaijiDown keep doing it cause it can make a difference. Also check out the docu film 'The Cove' and 'Blackfish' and it will give you a bigger picture of what the likes of Seaworld have been up to and what these poor animals are having done to them all in the name of money for these greedy monsters. It's a subject that's close to my heart and I hope and pray that it ends completely. I love all animals and can't stand to see or hear of them being harmed, I try to make a difference in whatever way I can and having social media nowadays is such a great thing because people from all over the world can share information and get the message and the truth out there. Anyway enjoy your Saturday and I'll add some links if you are interested in finding out more about Taiji and the dolphins/Whales, much love!!!!! 

Useful Links and Twitter Pages:

 seashepherdglobal.org facebook.com/SeaShepherdUSA @SeaShepherd @SeaShepherd_USA 
seashepherd.org/cove-guardians @CoveGuardians opsociety.org @CoveMovie_OPS 
blackfishmovie.com @BlackfishMovie seaworldpledge.org @Seaworldpledge