Fave Beauty Products For February!!!

Hi Glamouristas! Well I thought I'd start this beauty blog by going through my Fave beauty products for February! Here Goes:

L'Oreal Elnett Flexible hold hairspray ~ £6.70 ~ A MUST have hairspray, it's popular with hairstylists & I have to say my Fave by far. I've spent a fortune on all different hairsprays but Elnett is the best so far for me. I like the flexible hold spray as it gives me hold but more natural. What I also love about Elnett hairspray is that it brushes out easily & doesn't leave any dusty residue on the hair like some hairsprays can do. You can get this hairspray in various sizes & prices, I opted for the biggest as I use it everyday. You can find Elnett at most drug stores & online. Definite value for money in my opinion.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Spray ~ £4.99~ This dry shampoo spray is another must have for those 'in between' hairwash days lol. I bought this recently as a friend had recommended it to me. You just spray it on your dry hair & it smells lushhh (there are different scents to choose from) and it turns your dull hair shiny & healthier looking. I use it sometimes when I'm around friends who smoke, you know how smoke just clings to everything & even though I don't smoke if I'm around smokers it just kinda clings to my hair so I spray some of this on it & it freshens up my hair instantly. Again you can find this at most drug stores & online.

L'Oreal 3 Days Hot & Straight Smooth Creme ~ £3.75. I love this, when I wash my hair it can get a bit crazy when it dries. This is great for calming the frizz down & it smells lush, creats a glossy shine, keeps hair smooth & protects against heat. Available at most drug stores & online.

St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan ~ £14.50. Some of us are not blessed with tanned skin so we have to cheat a little & it can either go the right or wrong way......you either end up looking the colour of a cheesy wotsit or you can get it right with a more natural sunkissed look. With St Tropez gradual tan you can build it up & still get that moisturisation. I use it everyday & gives me a healthy glow which looks natural and not orange. It has a nice scent, some self tans can smell a bit like curry or biscuits (ever noticed that?) But this is great. It sinks into the skin & doesn't leave greasy residue and I've never had any issues with it coming off on my clothes as it dries quickly. You can find St Tropez at Boots & Debenhams & most department stores.

Tangle Tamer Brush (Denman) ~ £5.95. I spotted this brush in Boots....due to it being this hot pink colour so it grabbed my attention & I'm a big fan of Denman brushes. I'd been having issues with my hair getting tangled after I washed it as it's quite long. I needed a de tangler brush & this has been brilliant, I highly recommend it as I do with all Denman brushes.

Almond hand & nail cream (The Body Shop) ~ £ 5.00. With the weather being freezing & a total nightmare recently my hands were getting a bit dry & uncomfortable so I spotted this cream, you can get them in various scents, my friend got the 'Hemp' one & I chose this Almond one. My hands are so much better & I love the scent. I take this everywhere with me. You should always have a good hand moisturiser in your bag especially in this cold weather where skin can ofter get dry & flaky. Check out the nearest body shop near you or go online, they usually have little offers & sales going on & I love their Strawberry range so check them out!

Well that's some of my Fave essentials for February, I will be posting more bits & pieces in future & pure randomness. If I spot any bargains online or when I'm out & about on one of my many Shopping sprees (aka Retail Therapy) I'll blog it so you guys know. I'm a big fan of beauty bloggers & youtube beauty gurus, I think it's really useful to have reviews on products cause lets face it...you don't want to spend a fortune & not get what you wanted, it's trial & error looking for the right products but it's fun trying them out! Stay Fabulous! : ))